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Sportacus Hero Training Game

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How To Play:

Sportacus Hero Training Game

Sportacus Hero Training game online! Are you ready for more adventures?!
In this Lazy Town game you can play action challenge and hero challenge, choose what first you want to play.If you play a hero challenge Sportacus will show you one of his best moves and he will show you exactly how to do it for yourself!Just click on the move you want to see and learn and Sportacus will show you how to do it!Explore Sportacus AirShip by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of the screen to explore!
If you play action challenge your task is to when When Sportacus says to click on a specific color circle your task will be to click that color with your mouse right at that moment!
You can play this games using your webcam, in that way the game is much more fun!
Have fun!

Use mouse or your Webcam to play.

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