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LazyTown Ziggy Challenge Game

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How To Play:

LazyTown Ziggy Challenge Game

Choose your 1, 2, 3 or 4 players. Throw dice and then move forward or backward. This fun children game you can play with four of your friends! Choose at beginning how much players you want to play this challenge game. After that you choose character with who you want to play, you have seven character that you can choose. You task is to move your character from start to the finish line of the board, you have 50 squares of Lazy Town to cross. On your way you will have plenty challenge for you to cross. You play game play by throwing the dice and when you get a certain number then you moving your character in so many
fields, it’s going to be a lot of challenges that you have to solve to reach it to the finish line,
the game is very fun and exciting and therefore challenging.
We wish you great fun and good luck!

Use mouse or spacebar to play.

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