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Lazy town sportscandy game

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How To Play:

Lazy town sportscandy game

Choose one of 2 heroes. Play lazy town monopolies. The goal is turning the wheel below to move the character in boxes. From the LazyTown are stolen sweets and only you can find them and return them home. At the beginning of the game choose with whom you want to play, with Stephanie or Sportikus.
Your task is to collect as much candy as you can. The game is played where you spin the wheel that determines how many times you can make a move, and in that way you
can collect enough candy to move to the next place. The game is very exciting, challenging and fun everyone will love. Help Stephanie to find and recover the stolen sweets and give them to the children of Lazy Town.
You have 6 place to search for candy, town, the circus, the rockin robbie, the park and the two unknown places.
Have a great time in this awesome adventure!

Use mouse to play

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