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Lazy Town Hidden Numbers

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How To Play:

Lazy Town Hidden Numbers

Do you have a good eye and good powers of observation?
If you have then this is the game for you! Here is the painting from cartoon Lazy Town, in this picture there is 24 hidden numbers, your task is to find them all,show and prove how good detective you are and find all the numbers in a short period of time in order to get the best score!
This Lazy Town game is very exciting, creative and fun game, everyone will love,
especially lovers of Lazy Town games and cartoon. In case you can not find some numbers or you have hard time to find it you can use HINT that will automatically shows where a number is, you have the ability to use it 3 times. Good to try and find all the numbers! Lazy town hidden numbers.
Have fun!
Use mouse to find hidden numbers.

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