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Lazy Town Games

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How To Play:

Lazy Town Games

Your favorite game is right here and you can play as much as you want and it’s completely free!
If you like cartoon Lazy Town and its famous heroes then you’ll love this fantastic game. You can play this Lazy Town game like Sportacus or like Stephanie, choice is yours. You play by spinning the circle in the left corner of your screen, you spin the circle and you waiting to see what number you will get, based on that number you will go a certain pair of field, if you stand on the question then you take a card that that will tell you to go some field in advance or backwards or something else. The aim of the game is to get to the end before your opponent, the game is similar to most social games. Play with your friends compete with each other and have fun playing this fun Lazy Town game.

Use mouse to spin and play.

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