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Good Games Empire

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How To Play:

Good Games Empire

In front of you is one of the most popular, most played and most challenging strategy online games!This is a game that you can play for free without installing all you need is a quick registration and the action can begin. Play with and against players all around the world!
This game starts with building your one city that you can build up, expand and enhance, build barracks, houses, hospitals, weapons, upgrade and improve your soldiers, build your defenses troops, attack enemy players and expand your empire. This is a very challenging strategy game because you are required to do more things at the same time, in this game it’s very important to have plenty of resources, wood, gold, stone, coal and other resources that you can use to build and expand your empire, attacking other players gain the ability to win a lot of resources and to expand your territory. In this game you can do many things, you can even create your own coat of arms! The most important thing is that before attacking enemies take a good look at how much your enemy are strong, to know how much to your troops to send in attack, so be sure to have enough troops.We wish you lots of fun, success and luck in this incredible game!

Use mouse to play.

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